Thursday, February 19, 2015

Theta Phi Alpha Paddle

Going Greek at Florida Atlantic University, I wasn't obliged to make a paddle for my Big sister.  However, I would not pass up an opportunity to craft and express to someone special how much he/she means to me.  After receiving many gifts leading up to the Big/Little Reveal, I knew that a personalized paddle would return some of the favors and uphold the old traditions of the sorority.  It was more than just an overnight paint job, but the reward of watching your Big drool over your thoughtful creation is priceless.  I decided to create an original background design with my sister's favorite colors and added a mirror, florals, and pearls (symbol of our sisterhood).  Just make sure you do a final overall check, because I only realized I forgot to glue down an important wood piece until after I delivered the incomplete paddle!

       {Front}                                                                                                           {Back}

Theta Phi Alpha Paddle
Theta Phi Alpha Paddle

Thanks For The Memories | DIY Graduation Cap

Thanks For The Memories DIY Graduation Cap
It's girly, it's witty, it's CAPtivating from near and far.  Looks complicated, right?  Well, looks can be deceiving.  All it took was one quick run to Michael's to gather the supplies and a similar example on Pinterest to guide my design.  Sure it took hours until the final result, but that's only due to the gluing and cutting of paper part.  This is my personal decorated cap from graduating college in December.  If you're about to receive that diploma, hats off to you, too, and your bright, bedazzled future!

Floral embellishments
Thickers (Delight)
Glitter scrapbook paper
Mint scrapbook paper
Pearl stickers
Hot glue gun
Mod podge

1.  Trace the background paper of your choice and cut
2.  The hardest part: poke a hole in the center, then cut an X and push through the tassel button
3.  Hot glue gun the edges of the background paper to the cap, one edge at a time (as hot glue dries super fast!)
4.  Very important: check the cap to make sure the design starts from the front (as worn) top diagonal section
5.  Place Thickers on carefully until desired shape achieved (after, apply solid pressure to ensure they will stay put)
6.  Lay out florals and hot glue them down
7.  Cut out and glue Greek letters using other scrapbook paper
8.  Mod podge the pearls (tweezers help)
9.  Stare at your masterpiece for days ;)

Splashing Into Spring | Spring Break Outfits

Whether you'll be going on a trip to Mexico or sailing on a Caribbean cruise, if the weather permits, you will want to be taking advantage of the start of the new season.  You're also going to have to look the part of a spring breaker in order to soak up the sun and relax.  There are many reoccurring clothing pieces every Spring, which totally works in everyone's favor in terms of mixing and matching, and here are some must haves on my list that never go out of style:

Lotus Lace Hawaii Floral Bikini Set by Sauvage from Bikini Luxe
Puppet Crochet Front Dress from SWELL
Stud-Trim Floppy Hat from Urban Outfitters
QUAY About Last Night Sunglasses - Tortoise from Inbetween Tangerine
Beaded Beauty Dress from Free People
Cactus Valley Sandal from Free People

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peeptoe Ankle Strap Flatform Sandal

You know the feeling when you envision an entity but you can't seem to find it in actuality?  It happens to be a reoccurring theme in my life when it comes to shoes or clothing.  I can imagine a shoe that goes well with almost all of my outfits, and yet the shoe is like Cinderella's slipper: lost in the fairy-tale dream and only to be found after long waiting.  If I wanted to spend a thousand dollars on such a shoe, I'd have strutted just about a thousand footsteps by now.  However, waiting is a must for all good things, as the saying goes.  My fated pair is finally home.
JUMP Leather Flatform Sandals - Black from Asos (soldout)
Here's how I styled these flatforms:
QUAY Clear Reflections Shades (Elton Mirror Sunglasses) from Nasty Gal (get them here)
Long Sleeve Striped Dipped Hem T-Shirt from Sheinside (get it here)
Raw Cuff Shorts - White from YMI Jeans (get them here)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Perfect Beige Cardigan

'So move your feet from hot pavement and into the grass, 'cause it's already passed' ~ Arcade Fire
Solid Swing Tank - Black from 2020AVE (get it here)
Short Knit Cardigan - Beige from 2020AVE (get it here)
Teardrop Loop Pendant Drop Necklace - Silver from 2020AVE (get it here)
Asymmetrical Geometric Pockets Shorts - Black from Sheinside (get them here)
Iris-01 Platform Lace Up Oxford Flat - Black from UrbanOG (soldout)

Today has been the first day it's hit the 70's this fall, so I whipped out my comfy somewhat chunky cardigan, which I think beats the typical Brandy Melville ones out there.  I originally saw it on Swaychic, but it sold out on me, so I found the exact one later on 2020AVE.  Like maple syrup to pancakes, it's my staple!

P.S. This is right before the sprinklers turned on.  What fun.

Friday, October 11, 2013

No Eye Contact Please

No Eye Contact Please Long Sleeve Top - Light Brown from Papaya (in store)
There were no face-to-face compliments on this top only because I followed the motto.  I did, however, overhear the smiles and bluntly loud observations of passersby.  What's more is I only paid $15 for so much amusement.  Must have!

These Shoes Were Made For Stalking

So I've been up and about and back to college, and it's been a while since my last post.  I've come back to discuss everyone's favorite accessory--shoes!!  Of course, don't get confused by the title; I don't stalk people, just fashion.  These are some of my newest picks and I'll tell you why:

The Mint Bedazzled Booties
Dunes-10 Rhinestone Ankle Strap Platform Wedge - Mint from UrbanOG  (soldout)
...because a little tease in the front and flashy in the back never hurt anyone! (super comfy btw)

The Moon White Dynamites
Coltrane Cutout Boot by Jeffrey Campbell - White from NastyGal (get them here)
...because white is the new black! (definitely splurged here)

The Sway Me Suede Litas
Francheska-01 Suede Lace Up Chunky Heel Platform - Blue from DWDShoes (get them here)
These are a Lita dupe / lookalike! (See the Jeffery Campbell version)
...because shoe(s) are my sunshine!

The Crypto-Creep Flatforms
Iris-01 Platform Lace Up Oxford Flat - Black from UrbanOG (soldout)
& because three creepers are better than one!