Thursday, February 19, 2015

Splashing Into Spring | Spring Break Outfits

Whether you'll be going on a trip to Mexico or sailing on a Caribbean cruise, if the weather permits, you will want to be taking advantage of the start of the new season.  You're also going to have to look the part of a spring breaker in order to soak up the sun and relax.  There are many reoccurring clothing pieces every Spring, which totally works in everyone's favor in terms of mixing and matching, and here are some must haves on my list that never go out of style:

Lotus Lace Hawaii Floral Bikini Set by Sauvage from Bikini Luxe
Puppet Crochet Front Dress from SWELL
Stud-Trim Floppy Hat from Urban Outfitters
QUAY About Last Night Sunglasses - Tortoise from Inbetween Tangerine
Beaded Beauty Dress from Free People
Cactus Valley Sandal from Free People

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