Thursday, May 23, 2013

Distressed Denim And Bright Bows

Top - Wilshire Low Waisted Denim Shorts - Newport from (get them here)
Right - MINKPINK Slasher Flick Short - Denim from (get it here)
Bottom -  Sunset High Waisted Denim Shorts - Malibu from (get them here)
Left - MINKPINK Nightmare Short - Washed Black from (get it here)
Fashion Bow Ties from (get them here)
This Spring, I came to realize that I own way too many shorts.  But it's okay because I sold the ones I knew I wouldn't miss too much to Plato's Closet (along with a ton of other clothes and accessories I had been meaning to get rid of, and I made a whopping $150!).  I'm trying to focus more on tops so that I can actually pull together a matching outfit with all these beauteous shorts.  Four that I have recently purchased are must-haves and can be paired with pretty much anything from crop tops to button ups to hoodies to even bodysuits!  The top and bottom are from, where I have to say I got quite a great deal for pretty darn good looking denim!  Keep in mind that if you don't see your size on, chances are it'll pop up and be restocked one day whether it be in a large or small quantity so be persistent and quick on ordering if you absolutely need an item! The remaining two high waisted shorties are made my one of my favorite brands: MINKPINK.  I do prefer Tobi's pricing over the latter, but for the quality of these distressed cutoffs, the price tag is almost irrelevant.  Plus, I snagged a discount for one of them from  As for the tiny little bows (Carly Rae Jepson's song is now neverending in my mind), they are from and can be tied around the neck of a shirt or used as a hair bow.  The banana colored one is my most cherished bow for the silliest reason; it reminds me of banana popsicles, which if you enjoy banana runts, you will instantly devour!  Anyway, I have no clue why I bought so many of these bowties, for I do not have any events to wear them to, but these I'll just have to wear whenever and wherever and make into a new trend.  Soon enough Summer will be asking, "Oh you fancy huh?" and you best believe my outfit will declare, "Why yes, yes I am."