Thursday, July 19, 2012

3D Flower Bandeau Bikini Top

If I were to advertise, it would be for life.
River Island Mint 3D Flower Bandeau Bikini Top (get it here)
Traveling is my thing, but planes are not.  Everyone hits turbulence at some point in life.  Whether you're on a flight for 14 hours or 45 minutes, it doesn't matter.  All it takes is one cloud of storm to shake you and a fraction of a percent error to crash a plane.  No one else seems to be worried before the shaking becomes uncontrollable, not even the youngins in the seats ahead of you.  At this point, I'm all in my head.  Please, I'll do anything, I have yet to prove to them, I'm not done with, it's not time yet, I love you.  Squeezing two hands tightly, I am not alone.  Sweating, waiting, I shift my thoughts to when my dad asked me, "Why do you love life so much?" like it's wrong of me to do so.  "In any one day, it can be over.  We all die someday.  Don't love life too much."  I know what he means, and I know what I shouldn't do, but it's not that easy.  I want to make it past today and I don't want to give up my chances and I want and I don't want and I want and I don't want.  I stop.  Once the plane lands, only then do I shed a tear.  There is no relief, just calmer, sunnier days to look forward to.