Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thanks For The Memories | DIY Graduation Cap

Thanks For The Memories DIY Graduation Cap
It's girly, it's witty, it's CAPtivating from near and far.  Looks complicated, right?  Well, looks can be deceiving.  All it took was one quick run to Michael's to gather the supplies and a similar example on Pinterest to guide my design.  Sure it took hours until the final result, but that's only due to the gluing and cutting of paper part.  This is my personal decorated cap from graduating college in December.  If you're about to receive that diploma, hats off to you, too, and your bright, bedazzled future!

Floral embellishments
Thickers (Delight)
Glitter scrapbook paper
Mint scrapbook paper
Pearl stickers
Hot glue gun
Mod podge

1.  Trace the background paper of your choice and cut
2.  The hardest part: poke a hole in the center, then cut an X and push through the tassel button
3.  Hot glue gun the edges of the background paper to the cap, one edge at a time (as hot glue dries super fast!)
4.  Very important: check the cap to make sure the design starts from the front (as worn) top diagonal section
5.  Place Thickers on carefully until desired shape achieved (after, apply solid pressure to ensure they will stay put)
6.  Lay out florals and hot glue them down
7.  Cut out and glue Greek letters using other scrapbook paper
8.  Mod podge the pearls (tweezers help)
9.  Stare at your masterpiece for days ;)

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