Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's In Your Easter Basket?

I don't usually celebrate Easter (except non-religiously when I was younger and it fell around the time of my birthday), but this year I decided to keep my mind off some stress and get creative with these little eggies.  You don't have to just stick with the coloring dye and paints.  I chose to step outside of the decorating kit box and grabbed simple markers and sharpies to make adorable and detailed designs.  My favorite is the little Despicable Me minion; it warms up my candy filled insides!  Okay, so the infinite love symbol is "inspired" by Brandy Melville, but whatever, I had fun drawing it.  Besides, I gotta represent my favorite store, right?  So this is how I spent my day, and for once, I don't mind that I didn't get to go Easter egg hunting like I used to back in the day.  This little basket is so me.  I guess that's why I was able to let loose and make pretty.  Ah, Spring, I love your vibes.

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