Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SPITFIRE Steampunk Flick Sunglasses

Steampunk Flick Sunglasses by SPITFIRE - Blue from Edge of Urge (get them here)
90's Crop Top - Black from ASOS (get it here)
Robertson High Waisted Denim Shorts - Laguna from Tobi (get them here)
Halfway Belt - Black Tobi (get it here)
What can I say about these shades? Um, FIERCE!  By far, these are my favorite eye protectors ever! I've always been searching for a pretty shade of reflective lenses, but all the ones I had always found were not the right shape, tacky, or not my style.  These lovelies by SPITFIRE (by the way, sick brand name, right?!) have made my summer, and it hasn't even officially begun yet!  I'm crazy about the blue, as well as being able to hide my eyes from passersby.  I feel a bit mysterious and like I'm one of those cool top spies or secret agents  in action movies.  Normally I don't favor round glasses, but these have definitely changed my perspective for the better!  Go check out Edge Of Urge, the chic online store where I found these; they have a ton of more fabulous finds!  As far as the outfit goes, I went for a classic cropped top and high waisted shorts look.  Here's to a summer full of unknown but crazy awesome adventures!!

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