Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gone Thrifting

It has been ages since I took a day off from online shopping and headed over to Goodwill or any other thrift stores that catch my eye.  Naturally, I became overexcited to see what I would encounter.  I was crossing my fingers that I would own a pair of Levi's by the end of the day, but by no means did I expect it.  Goodwill had none that fit me right, but the Zanna Jane's consignment store a few doors down had just one that was miraculously a snug fit on my hips.  They were only $6, which made me love them even more.  The flare style is a bit outdated, though, so I plan on going all DIY cutoffs on this denim.  I glanced at the Louis Vuitton coin purse on the last minute before checking out, and although they aren't the real thing, the condition is great and the cute factor is irresistibly all the same.  I added my own "D" initial charms to personalize and make glam.  Also, it was only $7 and exactly the kind of mini wallet I had been looking for.  Each of the beaded bracelets (my obsession) are colors that could go well together and with multiple outfits.  The green evil eye one is a favorite and is similar to one I already have in blue that my mom got me from Greece.  All of these were each under $4, which is a great deal compared to those you find in boutiques.  Plus, it's all for a good cause, right?   As for the Buddha necklace, it reminds me of an Om necklace I own, and for $3 how could I not snag such a thing?  I feel that every girl needs or wants a turquoise ring, including me, so I finally joined the club.  Last but not least, stripes and crop tops:  no explanation necessary.  I guess now I will check with my good friend, Goodwill before paying for retail.  My expectations might just be found!

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