Saturday, January 19, 2013

Burgundy and Black

I have always craved for clothing with a burgundy/maroon/wine color, but never actually went out of my way to find one.  These skinny jeggings (not really jean-like, but they are quite velvety and super comfy) caught my eye while I roamed around Target on a boring Winter Break day.  I must say, I didn't have much in mind of what to wear them with at first, but then I remembered that black matches everything and if I wanted to make the outfit all about the pants, I had to grab the simplest, basic attire.  This picture was taken in December, and the warmth displayed via warm colors comes across and makes me feel as if I don't have to worry about shiver-provoking weather anytime in the near future...thank goodness!

By the way, I looked up the word, "rhododendron" because it popped in my head, yet I had no idea what it was.  Random, I know.
Juniors Xhilaration Skinny Denim in Red (Target)
Preview Boots in Champagne (get it here)
Old Black Leather Jacket (Forever 21)
Striped Long Sleeve Top (

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