Saturday, November 17, 2012

Calypso Platform Pumps

Calypso Platform Pump (get it here)
I just had to place this picture above my writing today.  It fully mesmerizes me with a single glance, and I can't help but feel the magic.  The Calypso Platform Pumps by Fahrenheit go above and beyond and over the top, out of this world, but never out of my mind!  I have been eyeing these ice blue darlings since they were new arrivals, although I was waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday just in case Nasty Gal decided to reveal promotions, since they haven't in so long.  I would have been able to handle the wait a little longer, but of course Nasty Gal comes out with their Holiday Collection just in time to crack me.  The picture below is what sold me, and since I could not resist temptation, Luster and Calypso were on their way to my closet.  The Pumps are miraculous with a capital Metallic!  "Whatever" to the fact that metallic is so in right now; these stunnermuffins (no not studmuffins) belong in any era and stole the hearts from my feet if my feet had hearts!!  If you've read my other blogs, you know I'm a sucker for fairy tales and these shoes just speak to me as if they will carry me away to all the happily-ever-after fairy tales when I wear them.  They're priced at $48, which I'd say is a great deal compared to many of the other shoes on Nasty Gal.  I honestly don't know why they're not sold out yet.  The picture shows them a shade darker than they actually are (my flash was full on), so they look more towards the color in the picture from the store site.  Nonetheless, I am reminded of Cinderella's one night getaway that deemed her a princess (even though I'd like to think she was one before her fairy godmother showed up).  The only issue I had was that the size was a teeny bit bigger for my feet for some reason.  It is barely there as I can still walk in them, but when I buy heels I want them to fit perfectly and be comfortable, and the latter applies.  I am considering exchanging them for a half size smaller, which is a plus that the sizes are not only available in whole sizes, but boy would it be a pain to find that pair too small.  Anyway, moving on to my lust for Luster, am I one of a few that see past the aluminum astronaut-like aura the blouse puts forth?  Probably not, since the sizes are running low already, but I myself do not comprehend why Luster was meant for me to lust.  With free 2-day UPS shipping, I became that one little girl who frantically open her presents before Christmas day.  The blouse is quite oversized in length, which is stated in the item description, and the material is 100% polyethylene (aka plastic).  Despite being aware of the plastic material, I was unsure of the look and feel of the top in person, and am still betwixt of what to think of it upon wearing it.  Any movement creates a plastic-y noise, but I have to hand it to the designer, for the style is quite unique and well put-together.  Both of my purchases say a lot about the fashion boundaries these days--they are surpassed in every single direction!  I wouldn't wear these two beauties together, or even the bejeweled/embellished shorts in the picture with the Luster blouse.  That would be way too flashy, even with my camera flash off.  The best way to accentuate these pieces is to wear them with a simple outfit.  I have yet to snap a photo of me in this top, but I'm not sure I can top this model; she's pretty high fashion, minus her awkward left hand).  Oh yeah, right now Nasty Gal is, upon purchase of a Holiday Collection item, giving away free totes in the same silver metallic style and material as the Luster blouse.  That's what's showing as the background in my picture above.  So the moral of this shopping fairy tale blog is, you can give in to lust sometimes, and there's no need to have your shoes slip away in order for you to shine!  Happy shopping!!
Luster Blouse (get it here)

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