Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY Adult Female Winnie The Pooh Costume & Manicure, & Male Hunny Jar Costume

Who says Disney is only for children?  Why can't grown ups hold on to some magic in their lives, too?  I am not embarrassed to say that when the Winnie the Pooh movie came out to theaters last year, I went with my mother to watch it.  I recall it being quite short, and I wanted the film to last longer.  Many people who look back want to remain in their childhoods forever, but you don't need a holiday like Halloween to allow for that.  Get in touch with your cherished moments of the past and let it bring joy to not only remember, but also relive them.  Of course, you wouldn't see me walking around in a Pooh bear costume on any regular day, but I wouldn't be ashamed to wear the Pooh t-shirt with a pair of jeans.  I guess that's what's so extraordinary about Halloween; people feel free to express themselves in ways they normally might not.

I decided that the Halloween stores out there didn't have the costume I was looking for this year, but some did have a few materials that helped me create my own.  I was pleased with the outcome, for I was able to find all the items I sought to design the whole look.  To match the costume with a Pooh manicure, see the DIY video below, and if you want to make it a couples themed costume, watch the Pooh video to see how to make lettering and you pretty much just replace yellow with red and "Pooh" with "Hunny," as shown in the last picture at the bottom.  I hope this helps at least one of you out there!  To all, have a happy and sweet Halloween!!

DIY Pooh Bear Costume

Gold Honeycomb Ring by Designerica on
DIY Pooh Bear Manicure

DIY Adult Hunny Jar Costume
Yellow long sleeve top from Target
Blue t-shirt, self cut into a tank from Walmart
Blue hat from Walmart

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