Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roompa Loompaland

I'm not very into rompers, for when I first tried on a pair in a mall fitting room, they made me look like an oompa loompa.  Little did I know that my anti 'roompa' stance was only temporary.  Going out one night, I was stunned, envying my friend who effortlessly pulled off the look.  Seriously, teach me how to roompa-minus the oompa, please.  Even though I wasn't persuaded yet to pin the trending attire to my style, my doubts were suddenly hindered.  My thoughts gradually pranced from 'How the hell do I go to the bathroom in this' to 'Why, yes, yes I do want to have to practically strip nude in order to tinkle.'  Hashtag, kinky?  Well, that wasn't exactly my decision making process, but I couldn't dismiss that angle of approach, and it's probably a prominent factor for many skeptics.  Anyhow, chance lead me to one particular roompa that was not the common floral covered or solid colored garb, but instead a 100% cotton, black material with big birds of light pink, turquoise, and orange.  I was also fancied by the roompa being synonymously dubbed a 'playsuit' instead; it was as if the designers played their cards just for me.  Call me brave, but patterns really catch my eye, so I heedlessly snatched the item in my size, against being unaware if I would be a walking beast or beauty in it.  The perks of shopping: if anything, I could return it.  Yesterday was delivery day and boy did I bounce off the walls before ripping open my package (I do that with all my purchases, by the way).  I made a wardrobe version of a Columbus discovery by trying on this little black big bird playsuit.  I was captivated.  It could have been that I adored the clothing so much that the pretend button in my head was triggered on, granting me permission to believe I looked as good in it as it looked without me.  I guess that was as close to good as it was going to get with a roompa.  The length was a tad bit short, but I'll manage, just like how this playsuit would have managed well if it were a dress.  I assume the point is to close off the crotch area so perverts can't bet on a girl's pantie color.  Oh, and to give a more casual appearance.  Whether or not the trend will linger is trivial to me, as I like to expand my getup and not limit it to one style, even though one style can be incorporated in multiple projections. Besides, I only purchased one roompa.  Someday, people are going to wake up and throw out all their roompas and then, some twenty years later, buy them all over again.  Just as news suddenly surfaces, it also fades.  We frock together, as we are birds of a feather.

Big Bird Playsuit from Topshop (get it here)
Double Strap Gladiator Thongs from LuLu*s (get it here)

P.S.  Here's how I plan to escape the hideous monsters of Roompa Loompaland, the land which showcases outfits gone wrong:

  Hit                  Vs.               Miss

  High low skirts                       Animal prints   
 Pointy toe sandals                  Neon with neon
  Crop Tops                            Bodysuits
 Scallop shorts                         Tribal prints
      Espadrilles                         Heel-less shoes
             Maxis                       Peplum skirst/dresses
    Huarache shoes                   Sperry boat shoes

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